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Tour with Photographer Koichiro Kurita of His Show at Farnsworth

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Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland will present a special gallery tour of “From the Smallest Leaf: Photographs by Koichiro Kurita,” led by the artist at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 16, the day of the exhibit’s public opening.

Born in Manchuria in 1943, Kurita went on to work in Japan as a freelance commercial photographer. At age 40, after reading Thoreau’s Walden, Kurita moved away from commercial work and toward meditative impressions of the natural world — New England woodlands, the remote Boundary Waters area of Minnesota and Canada, and natural features of California and Japan.

The Farnsworth exhibit consists of photographs made in Maine that express nature in terms of Chi Sui Ki, “earth, water and air,” and the borders that those realms share with one another and ourselves. Kurita renders details of the landscape using platinum-palladium, albumen and salt printing processes on Japanese and other papers.

The tour is free of charge, but due to the size of the gallery, registration is requested; e-mail Education Coordinator Kelly Finlay at


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