Mystical photographs at Sugarwood Gallery by Ramona du Houx

Mystical watercolor like photographs at Sugarwood Gallery by Ramona du Houx From the Daily Bulldog in Farmington: Ramona du Houx creates fine art photography that looks like watercolor paintings evoking a sense of wonder. Many have found they relieve stress, as they are relaxing, thought proving and mystical.Her new work will include images of landscapes ofContinue reading “Mystical photographs at Sugarwood Gallery by Ramona du Houx”

Ramona du Houx’s intro exhibit to Fukurou Gallery of Rockland, Maine

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Gallery Fukurou is now open! From Wed-Sat from 12-4. To introduce the variety of art photographs of Ramona du Houx we’ve decided to display a sampling that complements one another. Please come by ask questions, and enjoy the mystical magic world Ramona du Houx creates with a technique…

Ramona du Houx’s art

I try to bring the beauty, magic and mystery of nature to viewers by amplifying nature’s essence. Putting the images into categories was extremely challenging as everything is interconnected. Please enjoy the work and check back for more additions regularly added. All images are limited editions for sale and represent over 35 years of work.Continue reading “Ramona du Houx’s art”

N.C. Wyeth: Poems of American Patriotism at Farnsworth Art Museum

From Maine Insights  by Ramona du Houx The Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland presented an opening lecture the museum’s Curator Michael Komanecky by for the exhibition “N.C. Wyeth: Poems of American Patriotism.” Wyeth’s illustrations in two anthologies were inspired by Americans’ long-standing familiarity with and appreciation for poetry, and in particular its love of worksContinue reading “N.C. Wyeth: Poems of American Patriotism at Farnsworth Art Museum”


STONE AGE CIVILIZATIONS IN THE NEW WORLD More about Esther Pasztory — Esther Pasztory is Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor emeritus of pre-Columbian Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University. She has published extensively in the field of pre-Columbian art, including the first art historical manuscripts on Teotihuacán and the Aztecs. Born in Hungary, sheContinue reading “EXILE  SPACE: ENCOUNTERING ANCIENT AND MODERN AMERICA by Esther Pasztory”

Patrick McGowan’s thrilling novel – One Good Thing

A Maine adventure novel with purpose- Mac McCabe, the owner of Allagash Air, flies his customers into the wilderness to unforgettable and often life-changing experiences, camping, fishing, and hunting. But these days it seems that it’s harder to make ends meet, even as the rich get richer and flock to Maine on vacation. When the localContinue reading “Patrick McGowan’s thrilling novel – One Good Thing”

Dragon Kim Foundation helps teens learn music and much more

“Life is a gift, so live it to the fullest. Grow happy and gaily, for you only have one shot,” that’s the beginning of a poem written by 14-year-old Dragon Kim. A teen often described as wise beyond his age. A boy, whose life ended along with his friend Justin Lee on August 14, 2015.Continue reading “Dragon Kim Foundation helps teens learn music and much more”