Maine’s Portland Art Museum exhibits American Indian photos

“Selections from the North American Indian” by Edward Curtis will be exhibited at the Portland Museum of Art from February 26th through May 29. It includes 25 photos of Indians that Curtis shot between 1907 and 1930. The faces of the portraits say so much. The images were first included in a book project byContinue reading “Maine’s Portland Art Museum exhibits American Indian photos”

Tides Institute Internship in Maine

North Atlantic Internship 2016: A summer internship at the Tides Institute & Museum of Art  Deadline 03-15-2016 A summer internship at the Tides Institute & Museum of Art to assist with program objectives of small museum/cultural non-profit located in the waterfront community of Eastport, Maine. Interns selected to be part of the Institute’s North AtlanticContinue reading “Tides Institute Internship in Maine”

Belfast’s Senior College needs artwork submissions

Senior College at Belfast seeks artists for its 2016 Festival of Art set for June 9-12 at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center in Belfast. Registration is open March 1-31. Art work should be delivered on Wednesday, June 8. Amateur and professional artists are welcome and all types of visual art accepted. Artists will have an opportunityContinue reading “Belfast’s Senior College needs artwork submissions”

Whale willow sculpture in English nature reserve

A head of a humpback whale and tail of a blue whale are depicted by the six-tonne pieces which are made from willow harvested in Somerset County, England. According to the Avon Wildlife Trust, which manages the site, the area has a whaling history dating back to the 18th Century. The artwork, named The Bristol Whales,Continue reading “Whale willow sculpture in English nature reserve”

Watercolor like images of Marjorie Strauss

The Good Tern Co-Op Cafe Gallery in Rockland, Maine, will feature the ink wash photographs of Marjorie Strauss through Feb. 3. Strauss works in a variety of media: painting, photography and sculpture. She moved to Maine over 30 years ago to be closer to nature. In what she calls “washed” photos, she runs digital photographs through aContinue reading “Watercolor like images of Marjorie Strauss”

Art inspired by Science takes national stage

View the artworks of 23 artists who were selected from more than 100 entrants from around the world for this year’s science-inspired exhibition about biodiversity and extinction. The co-jurors for this exhibition were Elizabeth Corr, manager of art partnerships at the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Paula J. Ehrlich, president & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.Continue reading “Art inspired by Science takes national stage”