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Global Warming Conflicts and Solutions -Documentary to Make Change

The Solon Center for Research and Publishing has agreed to publish books based upon this documentary project which highlights conflicts around the globe that are a direct result of climate change and how community solutions, already available, could help defuse these problems. These videos, and a full-length film will be the basis of the books we will publish.

If you’d like to donate for the creation of the videos please do so through the Solon Center HERE. Small donations ($10) to large contributions (any amount) make a huge difference! None of the film is stock footage.

More from the project’s director, Alexander Cornell du Houx’s:


My deployment to Fallujah, Iraq, with the Marine Corps infantry, gave me a firsthand insight into why it’s critical to find solutions to the water insecurity connected to climate change.

While on patrol just outside the city, a roadside bomb hit my HUMVEE. Fortunately for us, most of the blast missed our vehicle. When we caught our assailant we learned that he was a farmer with little or no explosives experience. Because of climate change, his crops had failed. Vulnerable, in need of funds for survival, he was turned into a terrorist paid to attack Americans. For me, the connection between climate change and water insecurity became crystal clear.

Soon thereafter, I started to put the pieces together on how climate change and water insecurity are inseparable.



Our mission is to film short videos and a documentary on the impact of climate change on water security, and how clean energy and sustainable agriculture, as it relates to climate change can help combat the situation, educate community leaders, lawmakers and the public.

We aim to inspire community action, the media and lawmakers to combat climate change and promote water security.

These short videos, paired with trainings and policy initiatives, will foster climate solutions across the U.S. and world.

Water is our major focus. Most people are unaware that 40 out of 50 U.S. states expect water shortages in 10 years, according to the Government Accountability Office. At the same time foreign corporations are currently buying up U.S. water rights. Internationally, the United Nations has identified 37 conflicts in the last 50 years caused by trans-boundary water rights. Additionally, U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported that water is a major source of instability and potential conflict. According to Picture Motion, a film advocacy organization, the last project to highlight this issue was in a documentary 10 years ago for about 20 minutes. Read more

MECA art student makes green crab invasion of Maine real

A Maine College of Art student, Hanji O’Chang of O’Chang Comics, animated a video that is raising awareness about the devastating impact of green crabs on the soft-shell clam industry. O’Chang worked with University of Maine at Machias professor Brian Beal, scientist Darcie Couture of Resource Access International LLC, the Maine Clammers Association and others to learn about the army of green crabs that are devastating soft-shell clams up and down the Maine coast.

“Attack of the Green Crabs,” is a 4½-minute news type video narrated by Adam O’Chang and posted on YouTube

Camden International Film Festival call for documentary films

Camden International Film Festival is now accepting submissions. The Camden International Film Festival is open to documentary films of all shapes, sizes, styles and lengths. They are looking for films that show a dedication to craft, film that push the boundaries of the nonfiction form, and utilize unique approaches to telling a darn good story.

Please submit via or fill out an online form here.

Deadlines and Fees:

  • Regular Deadline: April, 18 2014 rFeature: $40 Short: $30
  • Late Deadline: May 23, 2014 Feature: $45 Short: $35
  • Extended Deadline: June 20, 2014 Feature: $60 Short: $50

Entry fee payment can be made via PayPal or by check with your DVD in the mail.
Formats Exhibition: HDCam / DigiBeta / Blu-ray Pre-screening: DVD (NTSC, region 1 or region-free) or secure link (Vimeo, etc)

Calling all lobstermen who want to star in a reality TV show

By Tim Cox, BDN Staff Here’s an excerpt:

A New York-based multimedia firm headed by “Today” show weather anchor Al Roker is seeking to develop a new reality or documentary TV show that would showcase lobster fishermen in Maine.

“We’re seeking tough, active lobstermen: you could be a family who’s been fishing for generations [or] a new, hard-nosed skipper striking out on your own,” an announcement issued this week by the firm stated.

Jason Watt, executive producer and owner of Watt Pictures and a partner with Al Roker Entertainment, said Roker’s company is in the process of developing a “pitch package” for the proposed show to take to potential network partners. Some talks with networks already have been held, he said Friday. The pitch package would identify prospective people and locations to be featured in the show and also include some edited video footage, among other things. Read more

Maine’s International Film Festival brings community arts together


Maine Film Festival: Discoveries, opportunities, and movies for every taste
Article in Maine Insights
September 26th, 2013

MIFF is a destination festival that brings cultures and ideas from around the world together in central Maine for 10 days. There is a wide range of movies to entertain and enlighten any person who wants to find something to stimulate their mind.

Assumptions cause discord, and films that open the doors of reality by challenging our views are the stock and trade of MIFF.

“I have seen some films here that have really changed my life. One was The Spirit of the Beehive, which was a Spanish film from the ’70s that they showed, and I had never seen anything like that before,” said Judy Bielecki of Belgrade. Read more

Botso: Music teacher, who lived through Nazi Germany, inspires generations

UPDATE: Botso has won the Audience Choice Award at the Waimea Ocean Film Festival, winning the award in every festival that has the award. The film won it, overwhelmingly, in Maine.

Botso: The Teacher From Tbilisi had its worldwide premiere during the 16th Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) and was overwhelming voted the winner of the Audience Choice for Best Film.

“Botso’s story is an amazing example of human resilience, how someone can turn something horrific into something positive,” said Tom Walters, the co-producer and director of the full-length documentary.

For anyone who loves to learn about how someone overcame tremendous obstacles life put in his path, Botso’s story is sure to inspire. For anyone who believes in the power of teaching music and art, Botso’s story will touch your soul. Read more