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Fukurou’s book writing/art contest exhibit Sept 14 in Rockland Featured

The front cover of Coastal Maine in Words and Art – Photo titled Vanishing Point by Yohaku Yorozuya. And the back cover – Moonstruck by Ramona du Houx – the other the artist in the book/exhibit.

From Maine Insights News: Winners of Maine’s Solon Center for Research and Publishing’s first book writing/art contest announced — Exhibit opening September 14th at Fukurou Gallery in Rockland

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The front cover of Coastal Maine in Words and Art – Photo titled Vanishing Point by Yohaku Yorozuya. And the back cover – Moonstruck by Ramona du Houx – the other the artist in the book/exhibit.                                  

The Solon Center for Research and Publishing announced its first writing/art project in conjunction with an exhibit at the center’s gallery, Fukurou, this past spring. The challenge for writers was to choose a fine art photograph that will be exhibited and write a story based on the image. The combination marries visual arts with the written word, helping Maine’s creative economy flourish. This unique new platform for writers in Maine brings the artistic community together with wordsmiths, which offers exciting unforeseen collaborations.

The result of our contest was pleasantly overwhelming. SCRP received eighty-eight entries to go with twenty-three images. Because of the quality of the submissions we decided some of the photographs would be paired with more than one story.

The images depict Rockland and the coast in its myriad situations, moods and emotions. “Our writers told stories with depth, insight, candor, irony, wit and humor. Anyone who has every visited Maine’s coast will be able to relate to them. They’ve put humankind’s instinctive emotional connection to the sea into words,” said Ramona du Houx, President and co-founder of the Solon Center for Research and Publishing.

The stories with art are published in Coastal Maine in Words and Art, which will be sold during the exhibit, on amazon, at local Maine bookstores, in the gallery, and worldwide through Ingram. Our winners herald from across Maine. Some have been published before, but for the vast majority this is their first book publication.


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The writers are: Mark Aufiery, Eola Ball, S.M. Belair, M. E. Brinton, Donna Chellis, Diana Coleman, Steve Feeney, N.T. Franklin, Lee Heffner, Donna Hinkley, Khristina Marie Landers, Rosemarie Nervelle, Ed Peele, Lynn Smith, Sandra Sylvester, Lee Van Dyke, and John Holt Willey.

The opening night reception will be a book-signing night celebration with authors and the fine art photographers Yohaku Yorozuya and Ramona du Houx from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. on September 14th at Gallery Fukurou, 20 Main Street, Rockland.

Every writer published will receive a free book and promotion of their story on our multiple platforms. The exhibit will run to November. All proceeds from the sales of books and art will be placed into a fund for next year’s exhibit of the same kind. The book will be available for sale world-wide, the day of the book signing event September 14th.

The Maine Humanities Council has provided a generous grant for our project that will enable us to donate books to libraries across Maine. MHC is a statewide non-profit organization that uses the humanities, as a tool for positive change in Maine communities.”

Cellardoor Winery of Lincolnville graciously donated their delicious wine that captures the essence of Maine for the opening night reception. Cellardoor is a special local winery with a philosophy of giving back to their community and the State of Maine. Their logo, based on a Hobo symbol carved into their farm’s barn door by a traveler who left it as a signal to others that they too would find hospitality there, is the winery’s guiding spirit. As their website states, “when you see our Hobo symbol, know that you are in a safe and friendly place.” positive change in Maine communities.”

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More about a photographic artist, Yohaku Yorozuya, in the book—

Yohaku is an artist with gallery Fukurou. He is renowned for his use of classic darkroom techniques. He’s used Ansel Adams’ zone system, polarization, solarization, as well as a camera obscura and many other methods over his career. He sometimes develops his images using ocean water, following a tradition of a few of the masters. He is a true craftsman, ensuring that all his techniques are personally applied in the darkroom. Some of his images are prophetic, like the Twin Towers series, which depicts the Towers in the 1980s, when he felt compelled to extensively record them from various perspectives. His images immortalize their memory.

Yohaku (aka Takafumi Suzuki) is professor at Nihon University in Tokyo, where for many years he led the Department of Photography at the College of Art. He is the assistant dean and professor at the University of International Fashion in Tokyo, with branches in Osaka and Nagoya. He is a director of the Japan Society for Arts and History of Photography, as well as a member of Kokugakai (Society of Masters of Modern Japanese Art), the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, and the Photographic Society of Japan.

The Solon Center’s Gallery Fukurou

Fukurou means owl in Japanese as well as prosperity and health. The owl in Ancient Greece often is associated with Athena, the arts and wisdom. Our gallery represents Maine artists, and fosters cross-cultural connections with Japanese artists and others. We work to help the humanities flourish in communities across Maine. Our books have themes of long-term intrinsic value and are published through our imprint, Polar Bear & Company.

The Solon Center for Research and Publishing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Maine Public Benefit Corporation that helps build community in Maine and beyond through educational, literary, scientific and artistic means, with publications, research, exhibits, events and other initiatives. SCRP is also a platform where people from diverse disciplines can examine issues of cultural and environmental importance, while developing connections.

Book writing/art contest exhibit opening September 14th at Fukurou Gallery in Rockland

Ramona du Houx’s fine art photography

Ramona du Houx

Please click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the art

Many Native Americans continue to believe that everything and everyone is connected. It is that interconnectedness that helps to make us whole. Through photography I have found light expresses that reality in unique ways. I try to bring the beauty and mystery of nature to viewers by amplifying this essence. That mystery can be transformational.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote that you can’t step into the same river, twice. Today, most of us are too busy to contemplate how much nature’s motion surrounds or is within us, always changing. We don’t normally see how interconnected rhythms of nature are a part of us. Nowadays, too many of us tend to take nature’s continual dance of life for granted.

Scientists, innovators, and inventors throughout history took the time to observe nature and her connective rhythms. But now society plugs us into the Internet, and while that can open doors, sometimes too much of being Internet-connected disconnects us from the mysteries of the natural world that are transformational. I want to help show how nature’s interconnectedness can lead us to discoveries about our world and ourselves.

Sometimes when people look deeply into these images, they relax and find a tranquil place in the soul, as one would by taking time to be at peace in nature. At other times, the photographs can refresh, excite, and energize one’s soul, as if one were standing by a waterfall. The images have been said to be dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, and thought provoking.

As I paint with the camera questions arise as more doors of perception begin to open. How far can painting with the camera take the viewer into other realities we normally can’t see with representational photographic works alone? I’d like to find out, join me on my journey.

I love to hear how my work impacts people. Please contact me and share your insights and stories HERE. – Ramona du Houx

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Special Saturday opening at Constellation Gallery DEC 20th from 10am – 8pm.

With art from all across Maine in the exhibit the Constellation Gallery a special Saturday opening is scheduled for December 20th from 10am until 8pm.

The Constellation Gallery’s, home of (MAC), call for art received entrees from all over Maine. As a result MAC’s “Miniatures” exhibit is the collective’s largest exhibit ever, with over 110 original works. The show runs from November 21st to January 27th. And all the work measures 11 x 14 inches or smaller, including the frames used.

The unique pieces range from photographs to paintings and black and white prints. Some artists’ exhibit internationally, others choose to exhibit in only Maine. There is surely something in this exhibit for everyone’s tastes from abstracts to realism. Read more

America is always on the move, the exhibit at the Constellation Gallery reflects our independent spirit

This article first appeared on Maine Insights, by Morgan Rogers

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The Constellation Gallery, home of the Maine Artists Collective, is pleased to announce their Movement exhibit for July. America is a forever-changing nation– always on the move, this exhibit reflects the country’s independent spirit. The exhibit will have works from 11 different artists on display, with their creations to marvel at, to contemplate, and to sense the world of movement in.

The Constellation Gallery has brought together unique visions of movement, which represents the diversity of the artists and their various mediums.

Kate, Sanders-Fleming’s piece, Back At Home, a 3 x 4 foot oil painting, was chosen for as the Best of Show. There are many interpretations for this powerful work, which Kate embraces. For some, Back At Home depicts an apparently conflicted man in bed in different stages of action. It captures the turmoil of a waking dreaming state of mind in flux by showing us his different body movements. The warm earthy tones give the viewer the sense he’s protected.

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Old Port Festival in Portland, now a three day celebration, a huge success

With glorious summertime weather and an expanded three-day schedule of events to stimulate and engage any festival-goer the Old Port Festival was a huge success this year.

Families enjoyed science presentations at the park on Exchange Street designed for kids as well as a rock- climbing wall near the City Hall and the traditional parade on Sunday featuring the Shoestring Puppet Theater with their fantastic papier-mâché puppets that are two stories high.

“I loved the big sun, and the pirate gave me a high-five,” said John Connors, 8.

The mythological puppets energized crowds as they rambled amiably down Exchange Street. This year there was something for everyone at the Old Port Festival.

“We’re trying to make it more of a destination event and to broaden the scope to focus on all of Portland’s downtown, not just one area,” said Steve Hewins, executive director of Portland’s Downtown District, the merchants group that runs the Old Port Festival. That focus included the arts district, which kick started the festival during the Friday night art walk. Read more

New International Art Gallery opening in Portland, Maine

Portland Mayor Michael Brennan will cut the ribbon on Friday, May 2 at 5:00 PM at the new Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery, located at 48 Free Street. This will commemorate the gallery’s soft opening and the start of the First Friday May Art Walk. The public is welcome to attend. The gallery specializes in realism, in both traditional and impressionistic styles, and represents 28 artists from 7 different countries, truly uniting the world through art.

“Portland is known for its vibrant arts scene, and so I’m delighted to welcome another gallery to our downtown,” said Portland Mayor Michael Brennan. “It’s even more fitting to be celebrating this opening as part of our First Friday Art Walk events.”

Roux and Cyr Art Gallery is a mid-range to high-end gallery, furnished in antiques, and serving complimentary coffee and tea in fine china cups and saucers. Guests are encouraged to sit and linger awhile, basking in the ambiance of the beautiful art. Both owners are artists and happy to engage in conversations to help inform and educate the public about fine art. Read more

New gallery to lease in Brunswick, Maine, issues call to Artists

The Gallery at 11 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine, will open on May 9, 2014. The Gallery will offer 1410 square feet of space with track lighting, as well as mezzanine space for rent.

11 Pleasant seeks a combination of fine 2D art, sculpture, carving, and hand-made jewelry. Space is leased to juried artists/artisans in three-week time periods. For jewelry and 3D objects the leases would be on a monthly basis. No membership fees are collected.

Each three week period is structured to contain a 2nd Friday Artwalk night, with live music and refreshments at 11 Pleasant. Promotion and assistance with display design are a part of the rental fee. Jurying will occur on an ongoing basis and will be based on date of application. There is enough space for eight 2D artists, two 3D artisans, and one jeweler. The owners are accepting applications.

For more information, an application, and rates, please email Director Janet Glatz: