Gardiner Maine’s holiday pottery shop

In Gardiner, Maine the annual Holiday Pottery Shop has been selling handcrafted artisan works from December 8th. Adding to the creative economy that has revitalized downtowns across the state this holiday shop offers unique pottery, scarves, jewelry and treasures awaiting discovery. The Holiday Pottery Shop is located at 287 Water Street in Gardiner and willContinue reading “Gardiner Maine’s holiday pottery shop”

Portland, Maine’s ‘Art at Work’ brings police and community together – but needs help

When Marty Pottenger came to Portland, Maine seven years ago after living in New York City she felt compelled to get involved with her community. With fresh insights she took on challenges most people would shy away from and perceived she could inspire like-minded citizens to help their city through art. Since then, her artsContinue reading “Portland, Maine’s ‘Art at Work’ brings police and community together – but needs help”

Maine Insights – a statewide inclusive and progressive newsmagazine

Maine Insights — Statewide newsmagazine Maine Insights hopes to inspire people to become actively involved their communities and state politics by highlighting the work people in Maine are doing to make a difference in the lives and livelyhoods of Mainers. The publication highlights the positive areas of Maine’s economy that are growing with reports onContinue reading “Maine Insights – a statewide inclusive and progressive newsmagazine”

On Point: Voices and Values of the Young Elected Officials

“In a time where slogans of a few words capture a position, and controversy swirls with each news cycle, On Point offers refreshing and timely insights from a new generation of young elected officials in the eternal struggle to build a more perfect union,” wrote Senator George J. Mitchell in his introduction to On Point:Continue reading “On Point: Voices and Values of the Young Elected Officials”